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Heads Up! The Odd-Even Rule MAY Just Come Back To Town & The Govt's All Geared Up

We’ve got some crazy news for you guys, something that’s got a positive as well as negative outlook for us Delhiites. Looks like the odd-even cars rule might just be returning soon, folks! WHAAAAT! 

This winter, we might get to witness the odd-even road rationing scheme again, so y’all need get to ready for this! The Delhi Government has said that it’s all set to roll out the scheme once again if the air quality level drops and reaches severe levels. 

Basically, the air quality post Diwali is what will determine whether the scheme is rolled out again or not. We personally feel that the level hasn’t dropped much as compared to last year’s conditions, so keeping our fingers crossed for the best! 

The first time the scheme was implemented was in January last year and a second phase was rolled out in April to tackle rising air pollution in the capital. The last two editions did help improve the air quality level, so if needed, this plan shall shall be back! 

Stay tuned to know what the final decision is guys! 

Sourced Via The Economic Times