How does the idea of an amazing brunch while being surrounded by the beautiful Aravallis and tons of greenery sound to you? Perfect, right? Well, if you’re nodding your head in yes then read on ‘cause this is something you’re definitely gonna love!  

For A Healthy Sunday | The Lalit, Mangar is hosting a SuperFood Brunch this Sunday and it’s something you CANNOT miss out on! This brunch will have all the delicious and incredibly nutritious superfoods like goji berries, hemp seed, cacao beans (raw chocolate), maca, spirulina, bee products and so much more *NAICE*! 

So all ya health nuts, head here and indulge in some super sumptuous food while admiring the beauty of the majestic Aravallis *heart eyes*! 

Entry Per Head | Rs 2,596
When | Sunday, 22nd April 
Timings | 12 - 3:30 PM
Where | The Lalit, Mangar, Camp Wild Road, Dera Mandi, Faridabad
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