Have you ever wondered how good hot and freshly fried donuts would taste? Well, they’re a right sight better than cold ones to be sure! The swanky haunt Parallel in Khan Market brings to you a wide range of donuts that are, yes, freshly fried and served piping hot. Nice!

Must Tries | To feed your savoury taste buds, they’ve also got donuts like Panchforan Pulled Pork Donut with potato mash, and the Flying Pig Donut that’s topped with crisp bacon and maple syrup icing (wow!). For your sweet cravings, they offer Funky Monkey which is peppered with bananas grilled with honey butter and cream cheese. 

Plus, they’ve got the Blackout Donut at the rescue for all the chocolate lovers. It encompasses chocolate fudge, chocolate-covered brownie bits, chocolate chips and topped with chocolate syrup. Yum!

Tempted already? Head over and devour ’em all.

Price Per Donut | Rs 350
Location | 12, Khan Market