Haven’t we always longed for a job that just lets us live our passions and do the kinda things we’ve always enjoyed doing, like eating away to glory? Havmor may be your knight in shining armour as they’re offering a dream job! Read on!

The Coolest Summer Job EVER! | These peeps at Havmor are offering this really cool summer job of a Chief Tasting Officer. Nope, this is NOT a drill, people! As the Chief Tasting Officer, you actually get paid for tasting an entire range of ice creams and give your feedback. So freakin’ COOL! 

So basically, you’re getting paid for eating all the ice cream you want. This is another level of awesomeness, isn’t it?! If you’re as excited about this as we are, then all you’ve got to do is submit a 2-minute video on the link below, telling these peeps why you’ll be the best taster for the job and showing them your irrevocable love for ice cream! 

And then, you hope and pray you get shortlisted for the job! Plus, if you're selected, you’ll get Rs 40,000 in addition to a year-long non-stop supply of some yummy Havmor ice cream! 

So go apply RN people! All the best! 

Apply Online Here | https://havmor.com/thecoolestsummerjob/apply