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Have Your Munched On The Kapi Cho Potato @ Tourist, Janpath Yet? Head On Over!

With a plethora of options fast growing in and around Janpath, Tourist is the latest buzz in town with a totally different concept and even better food, drinks, sheesha and lots more! Read on to know what to surely try when you visit here next.

Try The Kapi Cho Potato | A rendition of the popular honey chilli potatoes, this dish is made using five spices, sesame and basil. It's one of the tastiest dishes you can have there for lunch. We assure you, you will not be disappointed by this one peeps!

We wholeheartedly recommend Tourist, which is slowly changing the map of Janpath for good, to enjoy a casual lunch or a wintry evening date on their beautifully lit up terrace!

Price | Rs 295
Location | 1 Scindia House, Second floor, Janpath Market, CP