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Have You Heard About This New Vegetarian Place Called Guru Chela - India Mein World Famous?

There’s an all new vegetarian restaurant in town and we just can’t wait to go try it out - Guru Chela! 

They just launched an all-new outlet on the 26th with an all-out funky party! The launch party saw a wedding band adorning the entryway of the restaurant and very exciting exteriors. They’ve got four different creative store boards which include caricatures of a healthy, wealthy guru and a skinny chela! Nice.

Their menu includes everything from Gol Gappe to Chatpate Oats, Rubic Fruit Salad, Idli Sambar, Jelly Belly, Potato Pops and Chaat Papdi. But the best bit is that they’re all out vegetarian! Yay! 

We can’t wait to go try out Guru Chela! 

Where | 31/3/4, Ashok Nagar
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