Pan Asian cuisine has its own charm, and nobody can beat that! The stir fried, steamed or even deep-fried dishes mingled with chillies, dry onions, soy sauce - et al, just feeds our hungry soul (not to mention our rumbling tummies!).

Karate Kitchen, as your go-to home delivery service, specializes in modern Asian and Asian fusion cuisines. We ordered some good Pan-Asian fare from the newbie delivery king of all dishes Asian. Read on to know more

So here’s what we’re lovin’ from their dimsum selection peeps:

Fiery Chicken Dumplings

Being dumpling lovers and chicken hoggers to the core, our first order had to be their Fiery Chicken Dumplings. The dough of the dumpling was moist and the chicken chunks nice and crunchy. The whole mixture inside was a tad spicy (yum yum!), and had the perfect amount of flavours that made our tastebuds crave for the next bite! 

Prawn Har Gao

Next up was another appetizer called the Prawn Har Gao. The dough was delightfully translucent, and so we could see the oodles of filling inside which further tempted us to sink our teeth into it. The Cantonese dumplings perfectly encapsulated the delicious and crunchy prawn meat, mingled with just the right amount of salt and spices. Yum is what describes these best! 

Vegetarian Crystal Dumplings

Ok so this one was our undisputed favourite! Stuffed with loads of fresh veggies, these turned out to be the best and freshest dumplings we’ve ever had. Unlike other dumplings, it had copious masses of vegetable broth in it that made the dumplings juicier and yummier. So anyone who says a veg dumpling ain’t delicious, go order these from Karate Kitchen! 

Where They Deliver | They happily deliver to most parts of Delhi, including GK, Friends Colony, Def Col plus Gurgaon’s DLF Golf Course Road, amongst other localities (up to a radius of 17 kms). And guess what, you can order online as well - up to 4 kms through Zomato, and 10 kms if you order via their website. Cool, eh?

Next time you’re wracking your brains on what to order for lunch, just give them a call! 

Meal For Two | Rs 300 
Remember This By Heart | 372, Sultanpur, MG Road
Call For Orders | +91 9818 011 832
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