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Have You Ever Tried Masala Chai Ice Cream? United Catering Services Is Happy To Supply & Delight!

What if we tell you that you can get your beverage and dessert fix with one fabulous dish? Yes, you read that right. United Catering Services offers a lil something called the Masala Chai Ice Cream and it’s amazeballs *happy grins*! 

The aromatic and strong Indian spices, along with the quintessential soothing flavour of tea and the sweetness of the ice cream, Masala Chai Ice Cream will merrily surprise your taste buds. It’s served in a porcelain cup and that too along with two biscuits to make sure you enjoy the full chai feel. Nice!

Sound good? We bet it tastes even better! So call up United Catering Services and order it for your D-day! 

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