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Have You Dug Your Spoons Into The Thakali Thali @ Cafe Lungta Yet? You're Missing Something!

We love the Himalayas but yeah, we can’t always visit the mountains as per our whims and fancies (sigh). To satisfy our lust for the hilly peaks and to take care of our hungry tummies that constantly crave pahadi food, we urge you to check this cafe out!

Located in Gurgaon, Cafe Lungta is the escape we’ve long been looking for! This eatery is one you’d not want to take your eyes off from. White walls. Cutesy lamps. Chocolate-brown furniture. And pretty plants on tables! This haunt has a cool and refreshing vibe to it - just as you city dwellers would want to experience on a mountain top! Read on to know about the dish you must try on your next visit there.

The Delish Thakali Thali | This dish is really big AND sumptuous! A Nepalese thali, the platter consists of Mooli Ka Achaar, Gundruk, Saag, boiled rice, chicken and Kaali Dal. Both the chicken and dal taste like ones made at home - pretty basic and homey. And that’s exactly what you’d love most about them. Plus, the thali isn’t heavy like the ones you’d get elsewhere. And so you can happily nosh it up! 

We’re already heading out, see you there?

Price | Rs 350
Where | Ground Floor, SCO 23, Sector 15, Gurgaon
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