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Have Nothing New To Wear? Rent Stunning Designer Outfits From Flyrobe & Steal The Show!

Do you crush over beautiful designer apparel but seriously don’t wanna spend great gobs of moolah on them? Well fret not, Flyrobe has got your (backless-loving) back!  

From stellar designers like Sabyasachi to Ritu Kumar and even much-adored brands like ASOS and Zara, they've got all manner of outfits imaginable! Get them at just 15% of their actual retail price, and rock all those parties and weddings y’all.

How It Works | All you have to do is log onto their site, choose the dress style you want, browse through their collection and order one for yourself. The outfit will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible, and in fact, for western wear, you'll have it within 3 hours of your order! For Indian apparel, a custom fitting option is available, thus throwing the alteration option out of the window all together. Woah!

Once you're done with your outfit, they'll schedule a free pickup from the third day after the delivery for western wear, whereas for Indian wear, the rental period is 4/6/8 days, depending on your requirements. Plus, we can say from personal experience that their delivery is swift, flawless and acts like a lifesaver!

The rental rates for ethnic wear start at approximately Rs 849 and for western wear at Rs 249 (only!). 

So go flip through Flyrobe’s collection, order your outfit and steal the limelight wherever you go (at dirt cheap rates, of course)! 

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