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Hathi's Got Funky Cotton Kurtas, Flared Dresses & Lots More All Festooned With Cutesy Prints!

Style Scout 7 Sept 2016

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Hathi is a project that developed from a pile of daydreams and doodles! Their prints are innovative and funky with bees and birds printed on 'em and we're already in love.

Funky cotton kurtas and tops with cute prints is what Hathi is all about! They all have different cuts, from straight fit kurtas to flared dresses, and that’s what makes their collection so unique. Their ‘Lovebirds’ collection has pretty kimonos, kurtas and dresses with some asymmetrical funky prints on 'em - go see!

Their kurtas are priced at about Rs 3,000 onwards.

Their collection is made for the chic boho girl who loves to dress-up in comfy clothing! This summer, Hathi will be your BFF all thanks to their soft fabrics and cutesy designs.

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