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Hangovers Be Gone! This Natural Alcohol Detox Drink Will Ensure You Remain Hangover-Free

So Delhi 12 Apr 2018


If you wake up fresh and merry on a Monday morning then you either didn’t party hard enough over the weekend or you’re a sanskaari bacha who doesn’t like to indulge in boozing! Now, it’s a universally known fact that no epic party ever ends without an even more epic hangover but we won’t let a hangover dictate how much we party - never! But we won’t ask you to bear the brunt of a ginormously painful hangover and are happy to introduce you to your new BFF - Morning Fresh!

Hangover Guardian Angel | Morning Fresh - this is the angel that makes sure that no hangover is too big! It’s a natural hangover detox drink that has 3 amazing benefits - it flushes out the toxins, cleanses the system AND protects the liver. It’s meant to be taken as the last shot of the night - so basically, when you think you’ve had enough drinks for the night, just pull out your trusty lil bottle of Morning Fresh and chug away! It comes in three flavours - Cola, Mint & Strawberry and they’re all delicious to boot. 

It’s gonna be your party essential and the best part is that it has no sugar or caffeine and has zero fat and carb content, perfect nahi?! Order away people!       

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