Providing an incredible platform to young and budding designers, Yellow Blossom Exhibitions are certainly one of a kind! Events by Yellow Blossom entail amazing shows curated with much love and care by Devika Sakhuja and Manat Kapur. After their first kick-ass show at Maharani Bagh, they're now showering Delhiites with a bevy of exhibitions and we couldn’t be happier!

Dishing The Deets | An exhibition that carefully handpicks their customers by limiting participants to just 35 - 40 exclusive people, their events always stay personal and intimate. To make it even more interesting, they curate new and amazing themes each time through various decor elements reflecting the style of the exhibitors. 

Witnessing so many unique and stupendous elements, there is no doubt that this is our favourite kinda event! Stay tuned for more deets.