Time to revamp your shoe closet and get some unique pairs of shoes from Chalk Studio! Chalk Studio is a footwear and accessories label showcasing handcrafted and chic products you're gonna love.

If you’re looking for something completely unique and don’t mind playing around with your look a little, then Chalk Studio is your go-to brand for sure! A new version of the classics, this label offers a vibrant and playful collection of shoes for anyone who loves shoes. 

Brogues with ikat prints, chappals with tassels, funky wedges and gladiator sandals, they’ve got 'em all!

Each design at Chalk is paid major attention to, from sourcing the best leather to the fine art of seamless stitching and fine trims, everything is taken care of! Inspired by French sense of style, their collection is for the up-to-date modern fashionistas as well as design enthusiasts. 

A pair of classy and comfy wedges here would cost you Rs 1,999.

Get something from their collection and put your best foot forward! 

Shop Online Here | http://www.chalkstudio.co.in/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/chalkstudioinc/