Specialising in handcrafted artisan chocolates, All Things has a variety of unique flavours in White, Milk and Dark chocolates that you wouldn't have ever tried.

All Things Dark, Milk & White | From a Plain French Dark Chocolate to a Madagascar one with Passion Fruit and a Belgian one with a hint of Sangria, their Dark Chocolates are just plain yum! In their milk chocolate collection All Things Milk, All Things Earth and All Things Winter seem to be the most appetizing. As for the white chocolates we'd definitely go for the All Things Birthday or All Things Aether!

A bar of rich chocolate starts from Rs 350 with a box designed with just as much love and thought. Our personal favourites are their dark chocolates, what'll be your pick?

Order Up | +91 9971 154 804
Here's Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/allthingschocolates
Check Them Out Online | http://theallthingsshop.com/