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Halloween's Over? Naah! Head To Tabula Beach For An American Horror Story-Themed Party

Who says Halloween is over and done with? Tabula Beach says hell no! Head on over tonight for their ‘Return of the Halloween Hotel’ Party to live the last essence of 2016’s spooky festival guys.

The biggest Halloween party of last year, with a turnover of 1,000+ people, Tabula Beach is back with a smashing party once again. Their entire theme is inspired by the wildly popular horror sitcom, American Horror Story, so go get your costumes ready to party with the dead! 

To top it off, they’ve got an in-house costume shop as well, organised by Partylicious! We’re getting our fangs and red lenses out right away, how about you? 

When | Saturday, 5th November
Where | Tabula Beach Cafe, Asiad Village
Timings | 7:30 PM Onwards
Check Out The Event’s FB Page |