Summer vacations are in full swing and so is the heat, and driving your kids around in this burning weather may not seem like the best idea. But the learning and fun for your tiny tots must go on, right? So Gurugram's talented mothers have turned things around and started homemade summer camps! 

We gotta say - that's a pretty novel idea.

All this started off with moms giving lessons to their own kids, which later evolved into them teaching kids in the neighbourhood. For instance, Akanksha Goyal from Sector 50 is training little ones in decoupage (paper decoration), Gayathri Rajesh is teaching origami and Gayathri Datla is grooming kids in the fine art of cooking.

Many of you may prefer leaving your kids at summer camp, but if that doesn't seem feasible, Gurugram's got some super moms to save the day!

Sourced via Times Of India