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Gurugram Denizens, Say Hello to a New & Yummy Mughlai Food Delivery Service - Tanishk!

We've all had days when all we ache for is some masaledar Mughlai food, and now Gurgaon Wallahs have a new delivery service to save the day - Tanishk Gourmet Indian.

Deliciousness Home-Delivered | Whether you're longing for those scrumptious Banno Kebabs, Chicken Yakhni, Chicken Biryani, Dahi Ke Kebab, Nihari or Roghan Josh, Tanishk Gourmet Kitchen will deliver happiness straight to you!

A meal for two would cost you approximately Rs 1,000.

P.S. They're based out of DLF Phase I, and so only deliver around that area and the minimum order is Rs 600.

Call Them Up | +91 7042 646 888
Here's Their FB Page |