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Guru Ramdev's Patanjali Brand is Planning on Setting Up a Herbal Food Park in Noida

Yoga Guru Ramdev’s brainchild Patanjali Ayurved is planning on investing Rs 1,600 crores for setting up a herbal food park in Noida! In order to meet its global and local demands, Ramdev’s decided to invest in this park.  

Word around the corner is that the idea’s already been finalised and Patanjali Ayurved will be setting up their food processing plant around Diwali. The UP Government is said to be fair and transparent when it comes to promoting industrialisation since that will increase jobs, so the plant should ideally face no roadblocks. 

They’re planning to open an international food park for primarily exporting purposes and domestic markets. Once the plant is in full action, it's said to produce goods worth Rs 25 crores and generate 10,000 direct jobs! Nice.

The city around this plant will also get developed over time. Sounds like a good plan Baba Ramdev!

Sourced via The Financial Express