Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

Gorge On Tiny Samosas Here In CP For JUST Rs 10 Per Plate To Quell Those Tiny Hunger Pangs

Connaught Place, the heart of the capital, is well-known for the high-end recreation facilities it provides, but amidst all this glitter and glamour we can also find little undiscovered thelas serving delicious street side food! One such place we happened to stumble upon was where a few vendors were selling the tiniest and crispiest samosas.

Small Packages, Big Surprises | They can be found squatting beside a bus stand on the road where Janpath connects Kasturba Gandhi Marg. Rajesh, along with his elder brother has been selling samosas here for more than a decade so in case you lose your way, don't hesitate in asking other roadside hawkers for ‘Chhote Wale Samosas’ and they'll guide you without a twinge of hesitation! 

From 9 in the morning to 7:30 PM every day, except Sundays, you can find Rajesh seated in what seems like an inch of space with all his samosa-making tools and instruments meticulously involved in his work but who found time to humbly answer the questions we put across.

Hot samosas made of crunchy, crispy exterior and filled with masala-infused boiled potatoes and peas are served with green chilli chutney and the sweet red saunth for just Rs 10 a plate, that holds 5 of these cute little samosas!  

 Just beside them is a chaiwala who offers small servings of hot tea to soothe Delhiites enjoying the crisp, freezing winters the city’s famous for.People more often that not plans out their visit to CP to enjoy the hep, upper crust places but if you’re in the vicinity do give a chance to these street side chai-samosa duo who surely deserve a shout out!

Where | Unnamed Stall - Bus Stand on the road where Janpath connects Kasturba Gandhi Marg
Price | Rs 10 Per Plate