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Great News Peeps - You'll Now Get Free WiFi At All The Metro Stations On The Airport Line

So recently, free WiFi facility just got launched for all the stations on the airport line! Yes, it’s true, you can now browse through your mails and surf the net while you’re in the metro over WiFi, without using up your 3G data packs!

The facility is known as ‘Oui DMRC Free Wi-Fi’ and will be available at all 6 stations that come under the Airport Express Line. The passengers will be allowed to just simply log in onto the WiFi network and use it freely - easy peasy! Slowly, this free WiFi service will also be extended to the rest of the metro stations as well. 

For this, the DMRC has tied up with a consortium led by M/s Techno Sat Comm which runs India’s first ever WiFi on train service on the Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express. Via this service, the passengers will be able to use basic facilities like email, Facebook, video chatting, Googling and live streaming of cricket and football matches. Awesome!

We can’t wait for this WiFi facility to spread over to the rest of the metro stations too!

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