Dilli Glutton

Granny's Secrets in HKV | W for Waffles, W for Wow

Seeking out the best waffles in town? What if we tell you Granny's Kitchen in HKV is the hidden treasure that should be your only stop? 

All of us are familiar with the tingling kid-in-a-candy-land feeling the mere thought of waffles brings: Granny’s Kitchen is that candy land. 

What to Try | Give yourself a chance to gorge on blueberry waffles, raspberry ones and caramelized pineapple ones too! Don’t worry, you can workout for an extra 20 minutes the next day! Exotic seasonal fruity options like strawberry waffles, apple cinnamon, grape, and kiwi are also some of the enticing offerings on their menu. 

A plate of waffle starts from 130 bucks.

Needless to say, for premium waffles and crepes with fresh, melt-in-your-mouth toppings, we head straight to Granny's Secret and once you swing by you'll have no option but to agree with us!

Where It's Located | 33, Hauz Khas Village