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Grab Your Friends & Head To Peppy Uncultured Cafe For A Musical AF Wednesday Night

It’s just Wednesday, and it already feels like this week has dragged on forever! We try very hard not to whine like a child about the mid-week crisis we’re experiencing but we all need a lil time-off and here’s where you’ll spot us after work on Wednesday!

Mid-Week Dose Of Music | Nothing soothes mid-week blues better than some good music, yummy food and a tall glass of your fave poison and bringing in this perfect remedy are the fab peeps over at Uncultured Cafe & Bar who are all set to bring on stage the melodious Pallavi! 

Ready to make everyone’s evening musical with her beautiful voice and give a much needed break from a hectic week, Pallavi is performing today and our week’s suddenly looking a lot brighter! 

So grab your friends, take a seat, sit back and relax ‘cause you don’t need a weekend to let your hair down, sometimes a few hours with good music and food is enough! 

Where | Uncultured Cafe & Bar - HS-12, Kailash Colony
When | Wednesday, 8th November
Timings | 9 PM Onwards
Entry | Free
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