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Grab The Entire Twilight Series For Rs 258 @ Bookchor's INSANE Flat 80% Off Category

Are you an ardent book lover? Then you’ve got to check out Bookchor’s festive sale guys! They’ve recently introduced a ‘Flat 80% Off’ category, which pretty much seems like they’re giving out books for free *mile-wide grins*! Along with this 80% off, they’ve even got some books which are on a MORE than 80% discounted price! SAY WHAAAAAAT! 

Steal Deal Alert | They’ve got deals where you’re getting the entire Twilight series, which costs Rs 2,250 at a bookstore, for 258 bucks!! That’s like 1/9th of the price! OMG! The Da Vinci Code for Rs 88 as opposed to the retail price of Rs 450, The Confessions Of A Shopaholic for Rs 83 from Rs 383, The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo for Rs 98 whereas it’s actually priced at Rs 399 and LOADS more! 

We’re going crazy putting a whole lotta books in our carts right now. Time to snuggle up in the quilt with a good book and some hot cocoa guys! 

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