Picture Credits: myfoodappetite

You know what’s the most important thing to kickstart your day on a happy note? A fulfilling and satisfying breakfast, that’s what! And this cheese loaded delight in TBK Kulcha’s will give you all the #BreakfastGoals, check it out!  

Cheese Kulchas, Anyone? | The lovelies at TBK Kulcha’s do a variety of cheesy kulchas which are absolutely amazing! Dig in their juicy & soft kulchas and you’d know exactly what we’re talking about. They have some crazy variety of kulchas like Spicy Corn Kulcha, pineapple filled Hawaiian Surprise Kulcha, Tandoori Paneer Kulcha and lots more on their menu and we’re in awe! 

But what actually got us drooling was the Bombay Masala Kulcha here that comes loaded with cheese! With all the Mumbai-an flavours and lots of cheese for just Rs 80, these guys have defo upped their ante here. 

So all you foodies, there’s absolutely no time to waste! Scamper over to this place NOW and get your share of kulchas oozing cheese! 

Price | Rs 80
Where | TBK Kulcha’s - 296-A, C4B, Near Surajmal College, Janakpuri
Timings | 10 AM - 10 PM
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/tbkkulchas/