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Grab Freshly Baked Sour Cream Pretzels @ Auntie Anne's First Standalone Outlet In Noida!

Auntie Anne, one of the biggest international chains for pretzels which has outlets all over the world has finally launched a stand alone outlet in Noida and we can’t wait to dive into freshly baked pretzels! *YUM*

Earlier you must’ve seen their little counter with Cinnabon in DLF Place mall, but this outlet is all-out Auntie Anne’s only! They’ve got 8 varieties of pretzels on their menu, going from sweet to savoury, accompanied by dips which make ‘em all the more delicious! They’ve got pretzels topped with Pepperoni, Tandoori Chicken, Sesame, Garlic, Sour Cream and a couple more in the savoury section. This ain’t all - they’ve also got pretzel stix! 

We’ve personally always loved their sweet pretzels whenever we’ve had the chance to dig into one too many on our trips abroad, wherever we’ve seen an outlet. So excited to head on over and eat a freshly baked one right now! <3 

Meal For Two | Rs 300
Where | Auntie Annie - DLF Mall Of India, Sector 18, Noida 
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