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Grab Free Sheesha On A Bill Of 500, Beer Pitchers For 390 & Beer Buckets For Rs 500 HERE!

What if we tell you that we’ve found a place that’s offering a beer pitcher for 390 bucks and a beer bucket for Rs 500? And like that wasn’t all, you can even avail a free sheesha on a bill of Rs 500 and above? Unbelievable, right? Typsy Crow is here and it’s giving us chilling goals! 

Typsy Crow in SDA has some amazing deals lasting till the end of October and we’re so so excited to head on over and check these out! Enjoy the view of the sunset while you chug on some beer and puff on sheesha here without burning a hole in your pocket! Nice! 

Seal The Deal | The deal here is that they’ve got beer pitchers for 390 bucks, beer buckets for Rs 500 and on upon a bill of Rs 500 and above, you can avail a free sheesha! So basically, get yourself a beer bucket and then get a free sheesha post that. Sweet! 

There’s no catch here folks, it’s plain and simple and awesome! Sheesha can be availed at any bill of Rs 500, no particular food items or drinks mentioned. The only thing is that it’s available till 7 PM every day only. Maybe take a half day from work and head on over to drink away? :P 

Where | Typsy Crow - C-21, Block C 5, Hauz Khas Enclave, Hauz Khas
Timings | Till 7 PM Every Day
On Till |  30th October 
Check Out Their FB Page |