Dilli Glutton

Got the Munchies at 4 AM? Dig Into the Big, Fat, Juicy Burgers (and more) from Starvin' Marvin

Picture Credits: urbaneyrie

Time to put an end to all those midnight munchies with Starvin' Marvin! Located in Jasola, this place deals in free home delivery and that too in the wee hours of the morning!

What’s Cooking | With a space theme to their menu, everything’s named in a quirky way. Space Bites, Blast Off Burgers, Solar Wiches, Pizzas and Pastas! Along with this their varied menu also includes various Mexican, Indian and Lebanese delicacies! 

So if your midnight craving is leading to a big plate of Spaghetti Meatball indulgence or a Galactic Burger, Spaceship Supreme Pizza or even a Chicken Tikka Roll, Starvin' Marvin’s got you covered!

Deliver | Delhi & Noida
Timings | 8 PM - 4 AM
Order Online | http://www.starvinmarvin.co.in/menu.php