GoT Season-End Blues Got You Down? Go For This 5-Course Winds Of Winter Feast In GGN!

City Wire 6 Sept 2017

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There’s a Winds Of Winter, Palate Affair happening and oh my god, all Game Of Thrones fans, it’s like all your pleas have just been answered! Science and Cooking Lab in GGN has organised this awesome event and we’re all set to register for it! 

They’ve planned full five courses for you GoT fans and wait for it, the names of the courses will get you all the more excited! It starts with Beyond The Wall : White Walker’s Flesh, Noone : A Soup Has No Name, Mockingbird : Littlefinger, Fire and Blood : Star of the Purple Wedding and ends at Married Twice : Lady Of Winterfell! 

OMG we’re itching to go for this!!!

Sign up online or call them up, and get set for the last supper because it’s going to be totally awesome!

When | Saturday, 9th September
Timing | 8 - 10 PM 
Where | Science And Cooking Lab - 492, Sector 27, GGN 
Price | Rs 9,000 (Veg) & Rs 10,000 (Non-Veg)
Call Them For Registration | +91 9650 129 400 
Register Yourself Online Here |
FB Event Deets |