Cleopatra’s beauty regime ,i.e., to indulge in milk baths is undeniably the best way to take care of your pollution-weary skin. Since winter is definitely on the way, we’re here to introduce you to the best milk bathing product there is - Fuschia’s Milk Bath! They’ve come up with Cleopatra-inspired Milk Bath and you need to try it out right now.

What to Expect | If you have dry and cracky skin, then this bathing product by Fuschia is bound to work wonders for you! The mild lactic acid found in milk will soothe your dry skin and leave it smooth and supple. The rich vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E and Zinc, will help slow down the process of aging and retain your skin’s natural elasticity.

Their exquisite range of Cleopatra’s Milk Bath starts from Rs 675 for a 75 gm jar.

Pour a generous dollop into your bathwater and watch the magic unfold! Happy indulging! 

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