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Got a Clingy Tan? Fuschia's Brightening Face Gel is All You Need to Bid it Away!

If the blazing sun has been giving you a reckless tan that just won't go away, then well, Fuschia's got your back! The mother of all skincare solutions, they have an amazing Brightening Face Gel for you that's bound to make your skin brighter and happier!

Our Pick | Their Berry Blend seems really enticing to us! Made with aloe vera, Sea Buckthorn Extract, blueberry oil, raspberry oil and Vitamin E, this concoction is bound to render your skin fresh and glowing! Giving you a much needed dose of anti-oxidants, this gel vouches to give you supple, youthful skin!

Directions | For best results, use these masks once or twice a week. Apply a layer of this mask and relax for 15-20 minutes, let it dry and rinse with cold water - and you're all set!

So go buy yours, and brighten up your skin!

Price | Rs 450
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