Dilli Glutton

#GoodMusic #GoodVibes & #GoodFood at #nofilter, SDA Market - Read On

Chances are, if you’re in SDA, it would be hard to ignore this new entrant, courtesy the bass they may be droppin’ or the acoustic game they may be acing. SDA’s latest attraction has got heads turning every evening, with its fairy lights and foot-tapping music that allows for the good vibes to surround it. 

#nofilter certainly did not disappoint in the food category! We’re sure we’ll be heading this side again very soon. For now, here is our #throwback to the food experience here -

#nofilter Tenders

Chicken, bacon, fries and mint mayo. Hard to get that wrong, eh? Chicken Supremes wrapped in bacon come spiced and breaded in this juicy combo that gives out a burst of flavour with each bite, while maintaining the crispness. Have it with the dip, or without, the flavours will not disappoint.

Meatzaa Surprise Pizza

Certainly not for the faint-hearted. Loaded with chicken sausages, bacon, shredded chicken, ham, pepperoni and cheese, it stands true to its name and can also give other pizzas a run for their money. But somewhere in here there was a bit of a lag in the flavours, for which we had to reach out for the mustard and tabasco. 

Charmoula Chicken Burger

Their menu describes this as: Shredded chicken that is cooked in Moroccan herbs sauce, served with fries - and they had us at “Moroccan herbs sauce.” This burger was certainly a surprise! A soft bun holding together the chicken which has been prepared with delicious herbs and spices came to us with a knife pierced into it. Juicy, flavourful and the right amount of everything in it.

A meal for two costed us approximately Rs 1,500. The food and music are the two things for which we’ll be back here again. Eager to try the other variety their menu has to offer in both areas!