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Good To Go, One Stop For All Raw Meat Needs!

We just unearthed a fresh raw meats brand and we’re totally loving it! Good To Go is your next top brand to get delectable and freshly produced meat at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

What’s In Store | Good To Go has a huge range of raw meats, succulent chicken, fresh fish &  seafood and the most tender lamb, available to you in all cuts. Yum !! Plus they’ve got some marinated meats and ready to eat products that ain’t frozen like, a variety of Seekh kebabs, Chicken Tikkas and hot selling starters like Fish Orley & Peri Peri Fish , that simply need to be heated and are ready to be gobbled up by the baby dinosaurs in our tummy! Plus they have these available in usual smaller portions plus bulk party packs!  

They’ve been the king of fresh meats from the past 53 years, in the hotelier line with brands like Hyatt, Oberoi’s , Shangri-La and Lemon Tree among many more under its name. They’re all set to supply to the retail market now and we can’t wait to go get some fresh grub from them!

They just launched a Version 2.0 of their website with an all new range of products, Better Offers, A fresh new look which is more customer friendly. Via the website it’ll be easier to shop the entire collection. It doesn’t matter if you place an order via their app or website, they promise the Meats to be as fresh & hygienic as possible! Plus one major point here is that they’ll deliver your products within 2 hours of placing the order! Woaah!

Get meat-ing right away guys !!

PS - They’re giving a Flat 15% Off to new customers, all you need to do is apply code: 'NEW15' while checking out! 

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