Dilli Glutton

Gobble Up Spicy Aloo Tikki Chaat @ Awesome Bobby Tikki Wala in Preet Vihar

So let’s just be honest here - we didn’t just eat this plate of Aloo Tikki, we actually attacked it and relished each and every bite cleaning the plate off in about 2 minutes! And we were satisfied!

So everybody from East Delhi wouldn’t doubt it, but for everybody else we’re just going to say that Bobby Tikki Wala is our go to spot in Preet Vihar for our dose of Chaats *already craving more*!

A full plate of Aloo Tikki here goes for Rs 80 and if you don’t have a massive appetite, go in for the half plate which’ll just be 50 bucks! Yum yum!

Grab Your Plate Here | New Rajdhani Enclave, Preet Vihar