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Go Watch Rajat Kapoor's Brilliant Play - "I Don't Like It As You Like It" This Weekend

Can you imagine a troupe of rebellious clowns staging a Shakespeare play? Well it seems like a bizarre idea but believe us Rajat Kapoor's brilliant play - "I Don't Like It As You Like It" will blow your mind!

What It's About | The story revolves around a group of clowns who keep quarreling amongst themselves and are forced to enact a Shakespeare play. What worsens the situation is that he makes the men play women and vice versa. 

You'd think it would be a chaotic situation but in the end everybody gets to discover something new about themselves. Go watch this spectacular act!

Where | Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House
When | 21st - 22nd May
Timings | 4 PM & 7:30 PM
Charges | Rs 300 - 1,000
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