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Go Try The Noodles Of The Month - Sriracha Pataka @ Wai Wai City, HKV!

A haunt solely dedicated to Wai Wai - Wai Wai City has won our hearts for all the right reasons! We fell in love with this one particular concoction - you've got to go try the delicious noodles of the month!

Slurp Up | The noodles are called Sriracha Pataka, a spicy preparation best suited for the cold Delhi winters! The noodles are roasted *nice* and the sauce used is the popular Sriracha sauce! The veggies include capsicum, mushrooms, onions, chinese cabbage and corn (healthy indeed!) and finally the dish is also topped with sesame seeds and spring onions! 

P.S. Go try the Sriracha Pataka with their Watermelon Bubblegum Cooler! You're gonna love it.

Priced At | Just Rs 149 
Spot Your Haunt Here | 29, Ground Floor, HKV