Dilli Glutton

Go Grab Juicy & Flavourful Kathi Rolls @ The New Kati Roll Cottage Outlet!

Despite roll wallas opening up in every nook and corner of the city, there are very few places that win your hearts with their rolls, use quality ingredients and sell their dishes at reasonable prices! 

One such place where you can binge even when on a tight budget is Kati Roll cottage in Moti Nagar. They concentrate solely on Rolls and hence they don't compromise on quality. 

If you love the taste of original Kati Rolls, don’t miss out on trying either of the two outlets they have in Delhi.

Served in generous quantities, their dishes are loved for the finger licking taste they leave on your palates. Their menu’s topped with a great variety of veg and non veg rolls and you ought not to miss the Paneer Tikka Roll and the Chicken Seekh Roll!

This joint is most recommended especially if you wish to gorge on to juicy and flavourful rolls!

Meal For Two | Just Rs 200
Locations | Shop 3, C-103, Moti Nagar and 67/5, Ashok Nagar, Jail Road