Housing new culinary experiences, Foodhall wants you to discover your potent cooking skills. By providing daily essentials to exotic flavours, secret ingredients and delightful treats all under one roof, it seems quite promising in providing every food lover an indelible cookery experience. You can spot new specialities, varieties & kitchen tools and revamp your cooking techniques. If there is an ingredient Nirvana, this is it!

This exclusive store has already earned a name for itself - in providing exclusive ingredients that aren’t available anywhere else. And now, it’s all geared up to loop us in its healthy world.

Launching Traditions | Exposing its customers to the finest nuances of food, this premium grocery supermarket has recently launched its new brand, Traditions. Passionate about bringing home the world’s best produce, they let you expand your culinary horizon. 

Sourcing each product from the best regions of the world, they have opened the door to the goodness of traditional ingredients. The label has abundant varieties of cereals, pulses, rice and flours for you to choose from. 

Superfoods available | Pick world renowned superfoods such as Tricolour Quinoa, Amaranth, and Pearl Barley or speciality rice like Sushi Rice, Jasmine Rice, Wild Rice, Black Rice and Italian Arborio rice to prepare delicious healthy meals at home. 

A selection of naturally sprouted flours – sorghum, peas, bajra – are also a part of the range, helping you make daily bread and rotis a lot more nutritious. 

With ingredients that are exclusively available only at Foodhall, we are definitely heading here to remodel our diet, for they are letting us be our own health heroes.

Available at | Traditions Outlets Across Delhi NCR