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Glug Down Exotic Cocktails Like Khopdi & Chamba Booti @ Newbie Lounge - The Orb

The Orb is the newest lounge bar at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport that offers a set of exotic drinks and cocktails that you’ll totally go crazy downing!

The eclectic atmosphere and some of the finest concoctions that would simply leave you craving for more, The Orb is surely gonna be the new IT place to go chill at from now on! Their signature drinks like Chamba Booti, Masala T-Knee, Chilli Chocolate Bunny, Khopdi and Orb Mary among many others, make this place stand far out from the rest. 

The ambience is such that it’ll make you feel like you’re partying right in the middle of the beach! They’ve got a live DJ scene too, and Wednesdays and Fridays feature some great artists like Winston Balman, Sejal Morris, Minakshi Majumdar, Frisky Pints and a few more! WOAH! 

We’re totally itching to go check out this great new lounge right away!

Meal For Two | Rs 3,500
Where | Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, National Highway 8, Near IGI Airport, Mahipalpur
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