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GK II's Not Just Paranthas is Now Jazzier & Swankier and Has Just Been Reopened

Home to innumerable varieties of paranthas, Not Just Paranthas has just revamped its outlet in GK II and reopened in an all new avatar!

Platefuls of Dal Makhni, Kadhai Paneer, Mutton Biryani accompanied by their Chur Chur Paranthas and especially their Keema Paranthas would transport you straight to heaven.

From Cheese Paranthas to Italian ones and even Seekh Kebab ones, their selection of yummy paranthas always leaves us drooling. 

A meal for two here would cost you around Rs 1,200. Go check out the refurbished space - it's just too cute!

Drive Down To | M - 84, M Block Market, GK II