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Gift Yourself An Xmas Present & Head To This Silent Disco Music Fest In Kasol!

Looking for a nice chilly Christmas in the hills? How about heading over to Kasol for a Silent Disco Music Festival? Yes please! 

Everything You Need To Know | A 3 day trip has been organised to Kasol which is all about chilling and enjoying the beauty of the hills! Perfect especially for broke backpackers, nature enthusiasts, trekkers, music lovers and those who’d like to be doing anything other than eating Christmas cake in Delhi’s smog and crowd filled outdoor festivals, this excursion sounds awesome. 

While the rest of the city heads on over to Goa, make yours a hatke Christmas and head on over to Kasol for a silent disco festival! There’s going to be a bit of dancing, trekking, cafe hopping and bonfires. 

So go ahead and book your tickets because this trip ain’t even going to cost you much! 

Where | Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
When | 22nd - 26th December
Tariff | Rs 3,990 Onwards
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