Inspired by the T-Hub in Hyderabad, the Haryana Government is planning to build the country's biggest start-up hub over the next couple of years! Nice! Named Global Start-Up Village, the hub is likely to come up on a 2.5 acre plot.

What It’s All About | The idea behind the start-up village is to create a space for entrepreneurs and researchers, where they can devote time and resources to their research and put their ideas into action! Nice. 

They say that great minds think alike, so why not put them all together and generate some totally amazing ideas?! Yes please! One of the main motives here is to strengthen Gurgaon’s image of an international start up hub.

This hub will have research and incubation centres as well, and will constantly work towards encouraging various entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, researchers, government representatives and academicians. 

We’re pretty excited to see this happening!

Sourced Via The Times Of India