Getting to Know The Virtue Behind Moving Forward With Sharmistha Sar, Co-Founder of Come Forward India

So Delhi 30 Aug 2016

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Have you ever experienced the truest form of 'ordinary love' when you saw a young child, in a condition worse than yours and struggling to make ends meet? Have you ever felt the desire to help little children get cognisant about life and be able to get ahead in life, with the proper education and confidence they too deserve? We believe you have, and that's why we bring to you this heart-to-heart with Sharmistha Sar, co-founder of Come Forward India, an NGO that seeks to help and guide impoverished children around the city; and simultaneously make the people realise the need that there is to take a step towards this initiative. They began as a major organisation in West Bengal and have now expanded to the state of Delhi.

Come Forward India has been doing great amounts of helpful work for children for quite some time now, and while they shy away from the media eye, they've never shied away from their morals and virtues. The organisation will be heading over to Delhi soon and so, we had the opportunity to interview its co-founder, and the insight that she gave us is purely edifying! Read on.

How exactly did the Come Forward India Foundation come into being? 

Thousand of NGOs are operating in India in different fields of work. Some of them are really working hard to do the needful for the poor people. We, at Come Forward India Foundation, feel the strong need to promote the forwardness of the people in India. As the name suggests, we are promoting the ‘forwardness’ that India needs today.

Tell us about the organisation’s programs and activities.

Our upcoming programs will be to celebrate the birthdays of the poor kids in slum areas. The rationale behind this activity is pretty obvious. The poor kids should also know about the various flavours, themes and types of birthday cakes available in the market. They should also know the fact that plastic knives are not always there just to play with. They must also know that knives cut cakes, and not just vegetables. They must also feel the joy of singing the birthday song together and so on. With these activities, we wish to promote the forwardness of the people to come and celebrate their birthdays with the poor kids in slum areas.

How tough has it been to manage an entire organisation, look over it whilst balancing your personal life and work life?

It's really tough to strike a balance between personal life and work life, but this is our profession and we must stick to it!

You have firsthand knowledge about the difficulties people face in getting a proper education. So where do you think the primary issues lie?

The primary issues lie in the attitude of the parents in educating their children. There are many such people who always act averse to the idea of educating their children. This is where an NGO plays a crucial role in altering such mindsets.

And how has Delhi responded to you? Do you believe the people have shown awareness?

Our work is not very big-scale. We're working at a very small scale, and have not approached Delhi for any sort of help yet. But we, very soon, will come up with a very unique campaign in the month of October 2016 for the entire city of Delhi to come forward and support us. We are looking forward to the people of Delhi supporting our causes.

How can the people contribute, specifically via your organisation?

There are many ways people can contribute to Come Forward India Foundation. Besides monetary support, people can come forward to contribute in all the activities we do for the poor. People can come forward to teach the poor kids or come forward to socialise with the poor kids. There are so many ways people can associate with us in our mission!  

What according to you makes Delhi ‘So Delhi’?

Delhi is vibrant. Delhi is crazy. Delhi is young. Delhi is open to ideas. Delhi is liquid. So do anything & everything that Delhi accepts. Then only Delhi will be ‘So Delhi’.

Lastly, is there a message you’d like to send out across to our readers?

Don’t wait and watch. Don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t expect others to do things for you. It is you who have to come forward and do things for the country.

Her fervour and affectionate heart gave us hope, and we wholeheartedly support the cause Come Forward India has been fighting for. It's time we too joined hands in this cause, and if you too are interested, contact Come Forward India today and express your 'forwardness' now, guys.

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