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Getafix Opens Doors To A New Outlet In GGN This Weekend & It's Gonna Be A Jazzy Event!

What’s the most amazing feeling in the world? A nice, satisfying meal that fills up your tummy and satisfies your foodie soul! But then, the guilt of cheating on your diet pumps in and we’re left depressed thinking about all the tasteless food we’d have to eat to keep up with those #BodyGoals, but hey, who says yummy food can’t be healthy? 

All you gotta do is choose the right place, and who understands guilt-free foodie indulgence better than the savvy peeps over at Getafix? After rocking Delhi and Noida, Getafix is opening doors in GGN and they have something great lined up for you, check it out!

A Jazzy Beginning | Opening up a brand new outlet in Gurgaon, the lovely people at Getafix are in a full-on party mood. They’re bringing the oh-so-talented Nikhil Mawkin and Nathalie Ramirez to add a jazzy twist to our fave Bollywood tunes and we’re damn excited! And while you sway to those awesome tunes, order up something from their elaborate menu of yummy, healthy, tummy-satiating food!

Musical nights with guilt free eating? Couldn’t have asked for more! Seeya there, peeps! 

When | Sunday, 29th October 
Where | Getafix - Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon
Meal For Two | Rs 1,200
Timings | 6 PM Onwards 
Entry | Free 
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