Dilli Glutton

Get Your Very Own Jars Full of Fluffly, Flavoured Cotton Candy from Cute Sugar Threads

How can anyone ever say no to yummy, sweet cotton candy! That's just what the folks at Sugar Threads are counting on! Now, you can grab cute, quirky jars full of cotton candy on the go!

Sugar Threads spins the purest of cotton candy and it's available in the most offbeat flavours that you wouldn't believe! They've got a Wacky Watermelon, Omg Mint, Spicy Jaljira, Perkish Paan, Swiss Vanilla, Plush Pineapple besides many more - are you salivating too?

You can also check out some cool cotton candy recipes on their website. Seriously, treat yourselves and head on over!

Pay Them a Visit at DLF Place, Saket Or DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj
Here's Their Adorable Website  | http://sugarthreads.in/