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Get #UnitedByLove With #GetSocial Friday Feat. Ruliflex & Julien @ Taksim, Ansal Plaza Tonight!

Taksim in Ansal Plaza is calling out to us with its quirky interiors and open air dining! Serving up good food and great entertainment, they know exactly how Fridays are #DoneRight. Well, today’s FRIYAY and you gotta get yourselves up & about to #GetSocial this evening!

Hear Hear | Get your party vibes on and join us for an amazeballs evening at Taksim with Ruliflex and Julien setting the beat to a rocking weekend. Get #UnitedByLove as you sway to the right tunes in the company of your crew and some delish grub!

Today’s the day (or night) for you to feel the love! Taksim has all the elements to make this evening a memorable one for you. Catch ya there!

You Know The Date | Friday, 24th March
And Now The Time | 9:30 PM Onwards
The Location As Well | CG 01, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg
Call For Reservations | +91 9910 627 087 & +91 9999 223 792