With the government’s move towards demonetization and going cashless, DMRC has partnered with Ola Money so that commuters can now recharge their cards via their e-wallets directly! NICE! 

The concept here is that DMRC commuters will be able to recharge their Metro Cards directly through the Ola Money app. Additionally, the commuters can also avail the option to choose to pay from their Ola Money wallet at the DMRC website. 

The cumulative ridership of Delhi metro recently crossed the one billion mark (woah), and DMRC got listed as one of the top 10 metros in the world. Not only this, it has also been recorded that about 70% of the riders use metro cards which are recharged on a regular basis. DMRC customers also use Ola for their transportation needs and thus this integration is simply going to help make things easier for everyone! 

Good going DMRC and Ola! 

Sourced Via News18