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Get The Low-Down On The VIP Section At 91 Echoes With Bismil Ki Mehfil ft. Nooran Sisters & DJ Yogii

City Wire 7 June 2023


The makers of Horn OK Please Food Festival and Boho Bazaar Flea Market are back with a bang to bring their first-ever musical concert for a much-needed excitement in D-town’s nightlife! Catch this musical debut featuring some of your favourite artists for an unforgettable groovy night!

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A Night To Remember | Witness a melodious spectacle like never before at the 91 Echoes concert featuring distinguished artists whose voices will get you in your feelz! The iconic sister duo, Nooran Sisters, will be taking over the stage and setting it ablaze with their power-packed performance! Headlining this event will be the soul-stirring voice of Bismil Ki Mehfil, who is all set to mesmerize you folks with his dulcet tunes. Followed by DJ Yogii, his electrifying bops will bring this event to a legendary end! With such amazing talent performing live, VIP seat toh banta hai! Get the front-row experience to the stage and witness all the musical madness unravel right in front of your eyes. With a VIP pass, you won’t miss any of the action ‘cause the bars (two of them exclusively for this section) and the 5 food stalls (again only for ya’ll) are just an arm’s reach away. So, dig into some scrummy grub and delicious cocktails while you groove to the music! As you sway to the soulful beats, you will have a close up view of the artists’ performances and well, well, that is really something! Yes, this is a standing only space but the vibe and atmosphere will make you jump in excitement. 

So, Delhiites, don’t miss this chance to be a part of this epic extravaganza! Grab those VIP passes and let the music take you on a memorable journey! 

When | 11th June 2023, Sunday
Where | JLN Stadium Gate No. 2
Price | Rs 1,499 Onwards
Timings | 5 PM Onwards
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