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Get The Best Party Deals & Meet New Party Animals With The BarOMeeter App

Partying and socialising come hand in hand for us party animals, right? But like every good thing, it has it’s own pros and cons - when it comes to shelling out money at bars or when you have to make small talk with new people. Some of us constantly feel the urge to either expand our social circle or to get our hands on some exciting deals to fight the cash crunch! 

We’ve got a one stop destination, only for you, so you know where to find the best party deals and how to sail through these party problems smoothly!

Meet BarOMeeter, the name says it all!

Deal With The Deets | Providing all sorts of pocket friendly deals that can be redeemed at your favourite bars and restaurants across Delhi, BarOMeeter is offering a sweet twist for all you guys! 

You don’t need to pay the entire amount online before using the deal. *Woah, what a respite* You can just book your deal online (with the booking amount being as low as 100 bucks!) and redeem it at any of the listed cafes. You will have to pay the remaining amount once you’re done having a ball!

Don’t miss out on a variety of combos (with prices as low as Rs 699 for 2). You’ll be at ease to know that any Baromeeter Deal bought online can be redeemed at various cafes! Enjoy the flexibility.

The Ball Is In Your Court ! | The Baromeeter App comes with a “Check-In” feature, using which you can interact with other members of the app who you spot at the same venue as yours! *Ahem Ahem*. This inevitably solves the problem of the initial awkwardness we all experience when we want to take the first step of breaking the ice! And guys, it is not a ‘matchmaking’ app of any sort but a simple conversation starter! 

Working Of Bar-o-meet-er | Check out the BOM Combos, listed under two categories - Value+ and Premium, available on both the website and the App. Then book the crazy combos and pay via trusted payment gateways like PayTM and PayUmoney! Once you’re in the bar & check in on the app, you can take a look at deals you can score. 

P.S. Grab the special Baromeeter discount available on al-a-carte orders

The *Socialising* feature is your personal wingman & will help you *Connect* with people who have checked-in at the same location as you.  

Can it get any better? We’re so impressed, we’ve got our party fix! What about you?

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