Looking for some nice and funky bags but not in the mood to spend a bomb? Then head on over to JCraft at MGF Metropolis Mall to get yourself some crazy amazing bags at throwaway prices! 

Retailing in bags, backpacks and wallets, JCraft has a collection that you can carry around all day, everyday! They’ve got faux leather bags in various styles and sizes; With slings priced at 699 bucks and bigger bags at 1,399 bucks, these guys are all about economical and good quality.

Funky printed totes, shoulder bags, slings and party look rockers, they’ve got ‘em all. So even though we agree that a fancy high end bag once in awhile is something you should indulge in, for everyday use, these are pretty awesome! 

Where | Jcraft, MGF Metropolis Mall, Sector 28, GGN
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/perfecthandbag/